Black ops tools and equipment sold off and maintained by European telecommunications and engineering corporations Siemens coupled with Nokia Siemens Sites are being currently utilized by authorities located in Bahrain to assist in the interrogation and then torture of human rights activists, reported by the Bloomberg News Agency.

The gear is commonly used by authorities at this time there, as well as in additional oppressive governments, to track the spot for activists via their own cell phones not to mention monitor their chitchats and also sms, as outlined by activists coupled with personnel within NSN and Trovicor (the divested unit connected with NSN) whom put in the equipment in a variety of Middle Eastern cities.

Abdul Ghani Al Khanjar, a 39 yo university director and also activist, ended up being shown transcripts of his own sms messages by jailers that also beat them using rubberized hoses and then utilized additional abuse procedures during his detention anywhere between September In 2010 and March The year 2011.

All of the platforms are currently marketed and even put in by Trovicor, an organisation whose pursuits firstly began in 1993 as the unit of Siemens’ voice- and data-recording office. In 2005, the particular unit turned into part of Nokia Siemens Networks, a joint business between Siemens and Finland based Nokia Oyj. During August 2009, NSN traded the particular unit, then referred to as Intelligence Solutions, to Perusa Partners Fund – to some extent just to successfully distance NSN from the controversial surveillance organisation plus the imminent danger it all posed pertaining to human rights abuses. Perusa redubbed the corporation Trovicor, even so the gadgets and most of the laborers kept just like before the selling.

Trovicor’s security establishments, that is put in at phone vendors as well as at ISPs, had been made available to Egypt, Syria and Yemen, as well as Bahrain. In all, the apparatus runs a surveillance role in not less than Twelve Middle Eastern and even Upper African countries, Bloomberg news states.

Last Year, NSN together with Trovicor came under criticism after The Wall Street Journal announced that the apparatus was applied by Iranian officers to crack down upon protesters interested in demonstrations following the country’s disagreed presidential elections. An NSN spokesperson defended the selling of the gadgets to Iran back then, declaring the business made available that technologies for “lawful intercept” reasons, similar to coping with terrorism, child pornography, narcotic dealing together with other arrestable actions.
Middle Eastern human rights abuses aided by Nokia-Siemens equipment